What I have learned in 15+ MFM/MMF encounters

March 19, 2015 // 0 Comments

The success or failure of a threesome hinges on compataiblity of all involved and the decisions being made. This is a well thoughtout submission from a follower who provides their insight into the dynamics of a mfm and mmf threesome. It is a must read for any couple or single male contimpleting the idea of having a threesome.

Bizarre new practice is SSA real?

March 15, 2015 // 0 Comments

What is same sex attraction, SSA? Some see it as a way for a man to be attracted to another man without acting on the impulse to have sex with him. While others believe it is nothing more than another word for bisexuality. In this author’s opinion, SSA is destructive word that can cause hurt to the individual, those around him, and society by denying him his true sexuality. What is SSA? How does SSA impact those around him? Are there any solutions?

How to please two men in a mfm threesome

February 21, 2015 // 0 Comments

Having a two male threesome arguably is the optimal situation. It provides for the woman a chance to experience empowerment by choosing her lovers and experience complete sexual satisfaction. For her husband it provides confirmation of his wife’s sexual desirability to another man and for the invited male, it is a chance to have an experience that few get.

With that said, the actual task of pleasing two men in a threesome can be daunting. However, by her allowing herself to be in the moment and openly express her satisfaction then pleasing the two males should be relatively straightforward.

My journey to cuckolding

February 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

Every couple will face a time when they will have to decide will they open up their relationship to someone else. If they choose yes, then it opens up the possibility the decision will become a lifestyle or it might destroy the relationship. Likewise if say choose not to open it up then it can lead to an underlying feeling of resentment and saying no to open the relationship can lead to a feeling of being stifled in the relationship. So what is a couple to do?

My journey to cuckolding is a brief examination of one couples journey and how they answered the question. The outcome may surprise many of you.

Friend with Benefits making cuckolding a reality

February 7, 2015 // 0 Comments

I know cuckolding fantasy is quite a common fantasy and many who have the fantasy desire it to come true. For those who desire it to happen face many challenges including convincing their partner, fear of loosing the relationship, and emotions resulting from sharing her with someone else.

Many times the fear of loosing her and the fear of the unknown serve as barriers in trying cuckolding. Whilst cuckolding is not meant for every couple, for the right couple it can open a new world and ‘friend with benefits’ can be the bridge that leads to a new world opening up for the couple.

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